Dream Arcade Studios

Dream Arcade Studios is a small independent Studio that focuses on Board Games and Table-Top Games ‘Play-Testing’. At Dream Arcade Studios we analyze every element and aspect of Board Games and Table-Top Games through ‘Play-Testing’ sessions.

So, why do we carry out Play-Tests for Board Games and Table-Top Games?
We carry out ‘Play-Tests’ for Board Games because when a Game Designer design a game it is very important for the Game designer to know whether the game is fulfilling the Game designers expectation and is developed and designed in the intended direction so that the Game is fun to play and not boring.

At Dream Arcade Studios we provide Board Game and Table-Top Game ‘Play-Testing’, so that our client receives proper feedback for their game. Gameplay, Balance, and Functionality of the game are very critical factors for any Board Game and Table-Top Game which must be tested with proper Play-Testers. Play-Test’s also helps the Game designer/s to receive the last minute details for how the game is working with different player groups.


As the Digital Games are loved by so many gamers around the world, the player base for Board Games and Card Games is also incredibly huge. Board Games and Card Games attract Families and Groups of players due to two important factors i.e. socializing and Face to Face interactions while playing the game.

“Board Games and Card Games are Super Interesting”.
Indie Board Game and Card game publications has started on huge scale after the crowd funding platforms came into existence, which removed the need for Indie Developers and Designers to reach the Publishers. Crowd funding is providing a huge platform to Indie Designers to showcase their Game and its features in front of whole gaming community with no geographical limits.
AAA companies have teams to test their game, but for indie i.e. independent game designers have to rely on their friends and family members to get feedback for their game through Play-testing their game. But the Playtest and Game testing processes still needs external minds apart from the Game Designer/s involved in Playtests and Game testing process to collect the feedback of other players for improving the game and even for making it a Balanced, Functional, Polished, Bug free and Finished end user product that can be enjoyed by the players.